"They are in big trouble" – The Soccer Saturday panel discuss if Newcastle will get relegated

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The Soccer Saturday panel discuss Newcastle United’s form and whether the magpies can survive in the Premier League ahead of their match against Burnley.

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  2. It's great to hear all of the experts being experts! The TV channels are paying too much for these clowns. Just because someone played professional football doesn't mean there's a lot of brains in there. Thick as feck!

  3. I was at work when I heard that the takeover had finally happened, in the canteen, the predictable”Richest club in the Championship” comments started coming out but nobody would put their money where their mouth was and bet against us staying up.

  4. The panel is full of has beens and never were’s! Merson wallowing in Newcastle being in a very uncomfortable position deserves every pelter coming his way. I still don’t know who the jock is? This myth that players won’t come has already been knocked out of the park – time will tell what happens now and it’s going to be very difficult with the new financial restrictions. All of the top six were struggling before wealthy owners bought them but they were allowed to spend to get to where they are.

  5. This is akin to Franklin Roosevelt taking the presidency. The mentality of crisis changed to trust. Trust that you can improve the situation with a steady tiller, a unity of purpose, a large financial backing that pays off with reasonable investment. Newcastle is a gem regardless of its football. To mock Newcastle is the height of ignorance. It is a great city.

  6. These four “experts” have definitely earned their money…
    It’s like listening to the local plonky in a bar who thinks he knows it all!!

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