US Women’s Soccer Team Loses BADLY After Kneeling For BLM At Olympic Opener

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After kneeling to the anthem in very unpatriotic fashion, the US women’s soccer team loses 3-0 to Sweden. Ben discusses.

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  1. If you didn't help them train to get there. Then why care about what they stand for. You only care to hate others that complain. Why hate at all? Why not listen to a complaint? Oh because you don't have much to complain about other than others complaints. That's a privilege I don't take for granted.

  2. I think the woman should get paid as much as the man. And then after that all the men should be paid the same. Who cares if you ride the bench you should get the same pay as Michael Jordan because that's man-on-man discrimination. After Sweden I was never so proud as watching Canada beat the United States. Women players like Megan have been spoiled and entitled their entire lives. A bad day for Megan is like when somebody put soy instead of milk in her latte. She probably take a knee for that too.

  3. Nobody watches womens soccer in the United States, in fact Sports in general are going down the toilet. I used to watch the NFL NBA Major League Baseball and never missed the Olympics….. I couldn't care less now.

  4. BLM is an organization that does silly things to anger both sides. But the saying that black lives matter is a saying that sadly needs to be said. Don't mix the two.

  5. Sadly governments try to take credit for the individual accomplishments of athletes in Olympics. So why not take credit for what they believe too. Don't pick and choose. It's only sport after all. And u never cared about these people to begin with. So why bring them up only to show hate? Oh that's why. Good job?

  6. When the USA amateur selection committee (or whatever it's called?) selects athletes to represent the USA in any and all sports, be it for the summer or winter Olympics, they should have a rule/law implemented from the start, that any activism or disrespect shown to the USA flag and USA National Anthem will not be tolerated. And if those Athletes agree to abide by those rules but once at the Olympics and win a medal and they break those rules, they should be immediately replaced for any other sporting events and sent home and lose all present and future sponsorships moneys plus their spots on possible future Olympic teams 4 years later. They should be shun as they themselves shun their country for the whole world to see.

    A medal of any kind is not worth the embarrassment and the disrespect shown by these "activist athletes" to the USA and should not be allowed to remain in the host country at the cost of sponsors and tax payors. If they decide to stay for the duration, it should be on their dime. This should be stipulated in a contract before reaching the Olympics and also done before any sponsors decides to invest in any and all athletes training for said Olympics. The contract should also stipulate that if an athlete that has agreed to these rules but goes against it once at the Olympics, that athlete will have to give back their sponsorship money that they used for training and going to the Olympics. Any athlete that represents the USA but hates the USA should not be allowed to represent the USA period, no matter how great they are in their sports!

  7. I don't think they they USA sucks I think they think they need to bring notice to this happening our the world not just USA. Though they do repeatedly complain about things that are their fault.

  8. The problem with leftist ideas is that they almost always contradict each other.
    And why is that, well, because they actually cannot think at all.
    They get an idea and just instantly hops an the woke train without actually thinking things through or looking up facts.

  9. The kneel isn't about signifying how racist a country is, its about showing for support for people who suffer from racism. Yes its not going to fix racism, you would have to be extremely naïve to believe that, its more of a sign of respect. It has nothing to do with politics. Its also important to understand that racism in football is a massive issue at the moment, the amount of online abuse players get, especially black players if they mess up is horrific. For example 3 black players missed penalty's in the penalty shoot out against Italy in the European final, and received mega amounts of online abuse. So i think you are misunderstanding the reasoning behind it, pretty much all football teams do it, so just because the American women's team do it shouldn't be a surprise, and it really isn't to incite some other agenda. Also something that i really hate about American politics, something both republicans and democrats are guilty of is crying over tiny things, like all they did was kneel? why is that such a big deal to you?

  10. I will not buy from Subway ( the company I love) until they fire this wokesman. If they think she represents the majority of their customers, they are sadly wrong.

  11. hey benjamin coreect me if i am wrong , but kind of you make it sound like the female team loose bc they kneel is like saying the judews in nazi germany where discrimaneated torture and kill due to their beliefs its that right?

  12. Watch the bronze medal game, idiots. Btw, that's the same game in which Rapinoe scored two goals including one of the best untouched corner-kick goals you'll ever see. Not a single player knelt for the anthem. Both teams took a quick knee in the interest of solidarity after both nations' anthems were played. Grow up and quit trying to politicizing everything just to get yourself some attention. Dorks

  13. 1st if you are representing the country you're from on the biggest stage in the world, you stand for the national anthem.
    I believe these ladies are comparing their 'woke' movement to the Civil Rights Movement.
    Believing their kneeling during the anthem holds the same significance as Tommie Smith and John Carlos lifting those black gloves in the air at the 68' Olympics.
    Not even close.

  14. I believe that these sports teams need to get serious. If the person doesn’t support the US Flag, then why would these teams allow them to WEAR the flag? Like wtf, first thing to playing FOR the country, is to respect your country. I love how kneeling went from police brutality to now it means, anything and everything in the book now. I believe that they need to make it a rule that you can’t kneel for any nation’s flag. I do get it’s your freedom of speech to do it, it’s protected, I get that but the national anthem is not the time to protests against whatever fits the agenda for that day. The national anthem is meant for those who have LOST their lives protecting our freedom, saving people, etc. military, Police, EMT’s, FireFighters, those are the people that the national anthem is for. If you hate this country so much then why are you still living in this country. If you think other countries are so great then fucking leave and go live in that country. Bye!

  15. 44 game win streak..😂😂😂😂….jzt ..jzt imagine how much competitive the women's soccer would be….

    Ps. Bring the U15 Boys Highschool Football team here ryt now😂😂🤣

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