1. Selamat pagi bapa persiden amerika dan ibu muga srlalu sehat selalu buat wakil dan para panlima tertinggi semua pemmerintah amerika semua kelusrga sehat walapiat saya minta tetus meningkatkan kerja sama semua negara untuk ekonomi perdagangan ekspore impore ke manca negara mr ri tangrang

  2. Cầu thủ mang số 3 đá hẫu vệ con nầy nên đuổi cho nó về nuôi heo …đá cái gì kỳ quá cú banh thua không đáng ..Nên đuỗi thằng huân luyên và nhà diều dắc đuổi luôn con số 3 tức khắc

  3. These women are an absolute disgrace. On your next road trip, do us all a favor, and just stay wherever you are. Since you hate America so much why would you ever want to return?? Take the WNBA with you.

  4. Change Wamens soccer:
    – Max 7 subs per match
    – Create "ONSIDE ZONES" mark 5 yards from Soccer "D" each end. Ball touched inside those ONSIDE ZONES no offsides.
    – Corner kicks: players line up on outside of goal box line no crowding goal box until ball is kicked and 2 defending players line up either side of goal keeper for help.
    – Only 8 players each team allowed past ONSIDE ZONE marks. Players can switch out outside of ONSIDE ZONE mark.
    – 1 two min. Timeout per half
    – 85 min matches
    – 18 yd box becomes 15 yard box. Mark 6 inch × 6 inch lines equal to 15 yds in depth on 18yd box outer lines.
    Wamens game will become more entertaining and mimick a WR besting the DB type plays.

  5. WTF? No offsides called on the field. The referee saw something on VAR that was clear and obvious? I would like to hear what she has to say. I believe she should be fired. Ridiculous in my opinion! I wonder how much money she had on the game. Be proud Canada!

  6. Sad,USA needs a different coach with better strategies and to makes their team to think when they got the ball is simple so their centers forward can position therself expecting the ball coming to their position and at the same time to look wich player is not working so is time for a change.

  7. For goodness' sake, you silly people, stop smacking each other's palms; all you've done is create some ritual which one day someone sensible shall decline and then finally the numbskull activity shall begin to be questioned.

  8. Just wait till Joe Biden 's, addadick, to me woman? Or Men who identify as women. Get the rematch.
    I'll bet our men, who identify as women, will kick English ball's.
    Yes. All in for US. Men who identify as women.
    Addadick to me!

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