1. could have been 3 to 1 but Lynn Williams missed those point blank range shots lol. Vladko is just annoying at this point continuing to waste caps on Williams. On one of her misses that went to row 10 she looked to the sideline expecting to be subbed. And Vladko kept her on, lol man this coach is stubborn and cant admit when he's wrong. Should have dropped him after the Olympics

  2. See, the u.s didn't play so well like the first game n they want equal pay. They can get the equal when i feel like everyone of them can give me a good bj???

  3. ‘The kids going to be alright’

    Should Return

    Casey Murphy
    Ashley Hatch
    Sofia Huerta
    Emily Fox

    Sort out
    Midge Purce position and we’re good.

    Disappointed not to see
    Catarina Macario
    Sophia Smith
    Trinity Rodman
    Mallory Pugh

    Hope the vets guard the new kids as another promising generation takes shape.

    USA 🇺🇸

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