USWNT – Wings | US Women's Soccer Team | Women's Soccer

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  1. Simply the BEST video of this genre about WNT there is!!
    Dramatic, captivating events on the field accopanied with the captivating as well music—-in whole it is nothing short of a masterpiece!!!
    Good job! 👏👏👏👍

  2. This song is so amazing and perfect the first I heard this song was 9th grade English class and I really liked so the song is the reason I clicked it but ur edits were really good. Great job

  3. Unfortunately, the person who made this video didn't really get the point of this song. It's not an anthem, it's a message about consumerism in America and how Nike really isn't so great.

  4. 5 guys have not hearts! They can't belive that a women team is so great!!!!! Omg i love the song and the team! I'm from germany and i love almost all wnt-teams but not the german!!!

  5. this song isn't about a nike basketball shoe… "The song "Wings" is about the pursuit of identity through the means of consumerism. The attempt is to dissect our infatuation and attachment to logos, labels, brands and the fleeting happiness that is intrinsically linked to the almighty power of the purchase. The subject I use in the song is shoes, but its aim is to paint a broader picture of being a consumer and tracing the lineage back to my first memory of retail infused desire" – Macklemore

  6. You guys might think USA are not that good at football just because the american football is more popular, but no thats where your wrong USA can play as well as other countries if they try there hardest
    This is coming from a British Person = I love america <3

  7. Nobody will ever take her place. No matter how good of a player it wont happen. Abby is a true legend and it is impossible for someone to play in her place

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