West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech: Full PKs in 2021 NCAA men's soccer second round

Tied at 1-1 after two overtimes, No. 11 West Virginia and Virginia Tech needed penalty kicks to decide the winner in the second round of the 2021 NCAA men’s soccer tournament. Watch the PKs here.

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  1. this is way more entertaining than MLS for some reason… also i wonder how many guys end up in leagues like EPL or other international leages

  2. Only two thing worse than watching an american football (soccer) match,
    1- the fans
    2- the commentators

    pulling my own nails out with pliers would be more enjoyable , that or last season of game of thrones.😒

  3. Why’s he saying it was a great penalty at 4:30? If it was great it would have went in 😂 Perfect height for a keeper.

    These commentators weren’t half talking some shite.

  4. The amount of arrogance and ignorance toward american soccer is sad. There is so much talent here we just don't have the same interest to develop players like in Europe. But what about these guys is amateur?? Just about all of those were clean shots. Y'all talk shit but it only shows you have never been a serious competitor. A serious athlete can see that these guys are fucking athletes. And guess what it doesn't fucking matter if you call it soccer or football or if you say goalie, goalkeeper, or goaltender its a freaking word for crissake. Get over it. I've seen how our game was much more developed when I entered High school and saw just how competitive it was. The talent is there and you can already start to see it happening. There was a time where it was a miracle if we beat Mexico now the U.S. is unbeaten in the last 3 in that rivalry.

    Respect the game and players if you're a true athlete

  5. Jamie Vardy was at the 12th tier of English football at this age – he obviously enjoyed the game and I am sure that would have been his number one reason. This is probably tier 5 /6 of English football equivalent. Yes, some will make it pay but most won't and the college system here offers a way to keep playing at a high level while taking care of other pursuits.

  6. hey NCAA on the future PKs please don't use light green on a white background. use dark green or something so it stands out better. thanks. use an "O" instead of "G"

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