Why are all these soccer players collapsing suddenly?

Soccer players around the world seem to be suffering from mysterious heart and breathing issues, causing them to collapse during games. Barcelona’s Sergio Aguero has retired at 33, Napoli’s Piotr Zielinski collapses at 27, Manchester United’s Victor Lindelof now needs a heart monitor, and many more. So I wanted to look deeper. Is this a common occurrence? Does it happen in other sports? And what are people really saying about it?

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  1. They are taught not to aspirate an intramuscular shot so if it goes into the veins as it can, more often with vascular men. It has been proven in rats to cause myocarditis if given in the veins. Thats just looking at the facts.

  2. Defend these people all you want, but these people have no right to push jabs on behalf of drugs companies and government narrative. They need to play sport, they’re not doctors.

  3. Well I do know that it 10000% has nothing to do with JABS.
    JABS are 100% safe and perfectly good for you and you should take as many possible to be safe.



  4. I appreciate you refraining from confirmation bias but my lord this is clear as day to me! These people’s actions in trying to cover all this up or downplay it says enough in itself! Thanks for pointing this out! Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. I got the J&J vaccine a while back. I recently contracted Covid over Christmas. It took me about a month to recover from the Covid. The fever lasted about three days, then the breathing issues started shortly after. But a month later and I feel a lot better, at 99%. Now I haven’t had any of the other vaccines, just the one J&J. Would I gamble against the vaccine and fight Covid without it? Nah. Now that I’ve experienced the illness, it is another type of beast I wouldn’t want to experience without SOMETHING to help.

    But it is weird that they don’t allow both sides of the narrative to be shown. Government and Media controls Us.

  6. There wasn't a season like this in football history. So many healthy young people suffering from heart problem. All at the same time in every league and all been vaccinated. What a strange coincidence🤔

  7. These bloody proteins Shakes 💉……….give them to Gates, Faucci, Soros, Schwab, Gates Rothschild Rockefeller Tedro, let them ALL have THESE SHAKES, bloody Globalists, Cowards, satanists 👎💥🎃🔫🚽

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