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  2. @English Lad Hello. I am assuming you are British, from avatar picture. Is Will Ferell found to be funny among the British people, in general ? Does he has appeal there ?

  3. There is one thing in common in all Will Ferrell interviews. You can hear all the staff, camera men, lightning etc. laughing. The man is a genius, especially when he has to improvise and is put on the spot.

  4. More of a ring to it. A lot of Britain's going to watch it anyway, and since it's for charity they want to make it appeal a little bit more internationally. This is the one time I'm not adverse to it being called soccer.

  5. i remember her interviewing Oasis in one of the few times you got to see both brothers together.
    Wasn't she hosting some stupid reality show here? guess she went back to her homeland.

  6. Both Australia and America refer to the sport as 'Soccer', due to there being sports already being called 'football' in both those countries, even though hands are used more than feet, which is stupid

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