1. That defender should learn to pass. Use brain. How many time she win the duels yet because of she decided to be CDM also. After every excellant tackles, he make slow and bad decision.

  2. As a bigger guy I can tell he is annoying to play against he’s one of those guys u push away but they come back faster than u and take the ball xddd 👌 nice

  3. If u reading this and have a will to persue a career as a pro soccer player please reconsider it cause it demands a very strong mental health and I cant even describe how u would be after a game I used to take a shower with my clothes after games !!!! I would compare it to boxing careers

  4. 14 makes up for his size with work ethic but he could be a little more faster and simpler when he was the ball then he would be that dude

  5. What a shitty video.. don't try to overrate basic things.. first of all he couldn't keep the possession and he lost the ball that's y he even had to get the ball back.

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